Octavia Spencer Had a TMI Confession for Casey Affleck at the Golden Globes

Jackie Willis
8:03 AM PST, January 11, 2017
After DeGeneres noted that she always wears suits and comfortable footwear, Spencer quipped, "More women need to say, 'You know what, we're going to wear the pantsuit.'"
Spencer was so excited about her tuxedo that she ended up oversharing with one of her peers at the Golden Globes. "I had so much fun that I bumped into Casey Affleck," she recalled. "Before I knew it, I was telling him, 'You know why I'm happy, I'm not wearing all that underwear.' Um, probably I'm speaking too much!"
When chatting with ET earlier this week, Spencer confessed that she was having so much fun at the Golden Globes that she missed Michael Keaton referring to Hidden Figures as "Hidden Fences." "No [I didn't hear it]," she revealed. "Honey, I was too busy being excited about being there."